For more than a decade Tara Deno has been providing beauty and skincare services to clients throughout Delta County. Motivated by not only a need in the area, but also a desire to share her passion and provide personal service in a wide-array of areas, all of which offered the opportunity to improve one’s health and wellness, feeling beautiful inside and out. In January of 2015, after thirteen years of operating as Tan’ology Skincare Salon, Tara decided it was time for a change to refresh, renew and respect the needs and services of her clients. As a result {refine} skin & wellness center came to life. The goals of the salon are reflected in the name, for Tara it was time to refine her work, to remove some elements yet enhance and polish others.


Through Tara’s devoted and dutiful diligence {refine} skin & wellness now offers a greater selection of face, body and anti-aging treatments, as well as nutritional consultation, custom supplement creation, flower essence services. While {refine} has undergone some major changes, Tara’s vision continues to evolve, with plans to add additional services and a full retail nutritional dispensary down the road. Even with the transformation that {refine} skin & wellness has undergone, Tara’s commitment to the finest treatments, top-level customer service along with her never-ending dedication to training and education remain among the salon’s greatest qualities that will help inspire the continued evolution of Tara’s passion and expertise.

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